About Call to Faith

Join Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division as we celebrate Call to Faith.

Call to Faith is a K-6 comprehensive religion program. The heart of lifelong catechesis, Call to Faith provides a solid foundation of Scripture and Tradition, a rich diversity of prayer, and a developmental sequence of activities.

Call to Faith is shaped by the following catechetical principles:

• Conversion is central to catechesis. The aim of Call to Faith is to form participants into disciples who act with the mind and heart of Christ.

• Catechism is a lifelong process. Call to Faith is the springboard for ongoing lifelong catechesis for the entire Catholic community.

• Catechesis is the responsibility of all baptized members of the Church. The whole parish community is called to hand on the faith through faith sharing and the witness of daily life.

Call to Faith draws on the following sources of Catholic wisdom and experience:

Scripture The treasure of God's word is highlighted and integrated into the program instruction, reflection, sharing, and prayer.

Doctrine Each lesson of Call to Faith draws on Church doctrine in ways that help students, catechists, and families appreciate the Church's teachings as they apply to life today.

Lives of Saints and People of Faith Call to Faith takes seriously the importance of models and witnesses of faith as a factor in the faith development of both children and adults.

Church Feasts and Seasonals Complete seasonal lessons and celebrations introduce children to the feasts and seasons of the Church year. Music, prayer, and ritual actions draw children in to participation in the liturgical life of the Church.

Cultural Customs and Celebrations Call to Faith is unique in that it involves the customs, devotions, and culture of many local communities. This component assists parishes in making the curriculum their own.

Catholic Social Teachings Call to Faith provides a curriculum for Catholic Social Teaching: "Faith in Action," a comprehensive, age-appropriate lesson at the end of each unit that correlates to the text and key Catholic Social Teaching themes. It is the first of its kind in an elementary religion series.