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blasphemy Blasphemy is the sin of showing contempt for the name of God, Jesus Christ, Mary, or the saints in words or actions.


charity Charity is the virtue of love. It directs people to love God above all things and their neighbor as themselves for the love of God.
community A community is a group of people who hold certain beliefs, hopes, and goals in common.
Corporal Works of Mercy The Corporal Works of Mercy are actions that meet the physical needs of others.


dignity Dignity is self-worth. Every human is worthy of respect because he or she is made in the image of God.
diversity Diversity means variety, especially among people.


envy To envy is to resent or be sad from wanting for yourself what belongs to others.


faithful To be faithful is to be steadfast and loyal in your commitment to God, just as he is faithful to you.
free will Free will is the God-given ability to choose between good and evil.


greed Greed is the desire to acquire earthly goods without limit or beyond one's means.


idolatry Idolatry is the sin of worshiping an object or a person instead of God. It is letting anything or anyone become more important than God.
Immaculate Conception Immaculate Conception is the title for Mary that recognizes that God preserved her from sin from the first moment of her life.


laity The laity is the name for all of the baptized people in the Church who share Christ's mission but are not priests or consecrated sisters or brothers.
liturgical year The liturgical year is the cycle of feasts and seasons that make up the Church's year of worship.


magisterium The magisterium is the Church's teaching authority to interpret the word of God found in Scripture and Tradition.
martyr A martyr is someone who gives up his or her life to witness to the truth of the faith.
modesty Modesty is the virtue that helps people dress, talk, and act in appropriate ways.
morality Morality means living in right relationship with God, yourself, and others. It is putting your beliefs into action.
murder Murder is the intentional killing of an innocent person.


obey To obey is to do things or act in certain ways that are requested by those in authority.


parish A parish is a Catholic community with shared spiritual beliefs and worship.
particular judgment Particular judgment is the individual judgment by God at the time of your death.
patron saint A patron saint is a model of faith and a protector for you.
providence Providence is God's loving care for all things, God's will and plan for creation.


reparation Reparation is action taken to repair the damage done by sin.
revelation Revelation is the way God tell humans about himself and makes his plan known.


Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick brings Jesus' healing touch to strengthen, comfort, and forgive the sins of those who are seriously ill or close to death.
Scripture Scripture, another name for the Bible, is the word of God written in human words.
social sin Social sin is a sinful social structure or institution that builds up over time so that it affects the whole society.
soul The soul is the spiritual part of a human that lives forever.


Triduum Triduum is a celebration of the passion, death, and Resurrection of Christ. In the Church year, the Triduum begins on Holy Thursday evening and concludes on Easter Sunday night.


vocation A vocation is God's call to love and serve him and others.


worship To worship God is to adore and praise God, especially in prayer and liturgy.