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Baptism Baptism is the sacrament that brings you the new life in God and makes you a member of the Church.
Bible The Bible is God's word written down by humans.


Caretaker A caretaker is a person who treats everything with care and respect.
Church The Church is the community of all baptized people who believe in God and follow Jesus.
Creation Creation is a word for everything God made. All that God made is good.
Creator Creator is a name for God. It means that God made everything.


Eucharist The Eucharist is the sacrament in which Jesus shares himself and the bread and wine become his Body and Blood.


Faith Faith is the gift of believing in God and all that he has told about himself.
Follower A follower of Jesus is someone who believes in Jesus and lives by his teachings.
Forgive To forgive is to agree to put aside what someone has done and not hold it against him or her.


Godparents Godparents are two people chosen by your parents to help you to follow Jesus. They are usually present at your Baptism.
Grace Grace is sharing in God's life and love.
Great Commandment The Great Commandment is Jesus' law that tells you to love God above all else and to love others the way you love yourself.


Heaven Heaven is living and being happy with God forever.
Holy To be holy is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to serve God with all your heart.
Holy Family The Holy Family is the name for the human family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Holy Trinity.
Holy Trinity God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are the Holy Trinity, the three Persons in one God.


Jesus Jesus is the name of the Son of God. Jesus is also human.


Kingdom of God The kingdom of God is the world of love, peace, and justice that God wants.


Lord's Prayer The Lord's Prayer is the prayer Jesus taught. It is also called the Our Father.


Mass The Mass is the Church's great celebration of praise and thanks.


Parable A parable is a story Jesus told that teaches something about God.
Praise Praise is giving God honor and thanks because he is good.
Prayer Prayer is listening to and talking with God.


Resurrection Resurrection is the name for Jesus being raised from the dead to new life.


Sacraments Sacraments are signs of God's love given by Jesus to bring you closer to God.
Saints Saints are people who lived a good life and loved God.
Savior God the Father sent the savior to save people and bring them back to God.
Serve To serve is to help give others in a loving way what they need.
Sin To sin is to choose to disobey God and do wrong.


Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments are God's laws. They tell how to love God and others.